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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips to Increase Bookings

As a vacation rental property owner marketing is a big responsibility. After all, it’s mainly what you use to attract more bookings or tenants, right?[...]

Overview of the White Paper “Renting as a housing alternative”

The White Paper quotes the following circumstances as shortcomings following research that had been carried out ...[...]

Is 2017 the year to invest in a rental property in Malta?

To date Malta has experienced steady growth in property values, this is due to Malta being a small island and having a limited supply of land. Investing in a rental property in Malta is ideal since ...[...]

What to expect to earn on Rental earnings.

We came across this interesting article/report which we would like to share with you on what to expect to earn on rental earnings based on location and cost. [...]

Maximise your residential Property’s rental earnings

Property ownership in Malta is often regarded as a safe return on one’s investment. Global Property Guide indicates that an annual rental yield of 4.4% on a property of 120 square metres in the St Julian’s area is attainable.[...]