Business Observer feature

Casa Rooms has been featured in the Business Observer (Times of Malta)[...]

Airbnb reviews

Casa Rooms was so welcoming. The apartment was very clean, with sheets and towels laid out on each bed upon our arrival.[...]

Malta’s short-let market NSO

An analysis of the inbound tourist data for the Month April 2016, as published by the National Statistics Office, shows that the:..[...]

Malta Airbnb stats

Is your Property adequately competing ...[...]

Gearing your residential property’s online listing

When potential guests attempt to identify possible accommodation for their travels [...]

Real Estate Insights Survey of 2015 released

Today, we are seeing young couples and bachelors renting or buying homes earlier on in their lives.[...]


A great article on buy-to-lets [...]

Quick referrals on rental property

Quick referrals and frequently asked questions....on rental property.[...]

Room with a view … Business Observer

“It is becoming extremely competitive. There are 20 blocks being developed [in Valletta], with four or five units each. We are now expecting the impact of the dozen or so boutique hotels to be fully felt”[...]