Fantastic Review

I don't leave reviews often but for Thomas I will, he is such a nice guy and very helpful. These characteristics really does make your holiday all the more easer. [...]

Airbnb’s success in Malta

Malta’s property owners are embracing the Airbnb sharing economy and today over 300 properties (with some sources stating it numbers in the 1,000 property region) are listed on the website. The listings are mainly targeted at Malta’s burgeoning tourism industry.[...]

Maximise your residential Property’s rental earnings

Property ownership in Malta is often regarded as a safe return on one’s investment. Global Property Guide indicates that an annual rental yield of 4.4% on a property of 120 square metres in the St Julian’s area is attainable.[...]

Valletta is it real(t)y booming?

Valletta, a Unesco world heritage city, is currently experiencing a rejuvenation becoming a refined cultural capital where one is able to socialise, work, study, and live in the footsteps of the Knights of St John.[...]

The first six months

Two years ago the Casa Rooms concept was hatched, after assessing the market wants and developing a business plan, I have now been working on Casa Rooms property management on a full time basis for six months. I am proud[...]

Holidaying in a private property

With the rise of travel websites such as Airbnb and holiday lettings more travellers are considering the option of staying in a private residence such as an apartment or villa. [...]

Pets and rental properties (Malta)

Many families own pets and treat them as an integral family member. When such families begin to search for a new rental home, their pets’ acceptance to the property is a crucial determining factor as to whether they will be[...]

Value Added Tax on rental income

The provisions of the VAT Act state that the letting of immovable property is exempt without credit - no VAT needs to be charged and none may be claimed. However, there are a number of exceptions to this provision.[...]

7 steps to listing on Airbnb

7 steps to listing on Airbnb[...]