Attracting and retaining the preferred guests and tenants

Upon acquiring a buy-to-let property, an owner needs to adopt a strategy for the property’s operation – short-let, long-let or a mixture of both rentals.[...]

Our quickest long-let to short-let turnaround – 3 properties in 36 hours!

Our quickest long-let to short-let turnaround![...]

Benefits of hiring an experienced Property Manager

The Maltese rental market is currently on a high and should you be considering purchasing a rental property, maximisation of rental earnings will be a prime concern… [...]

Are You Ready for Today’s Renter? A Millennial Appraisal

We came across this interesting article which we would like to share with you and give you tips on how to equip your rental properties for today's renter.[...]

Quicklets Commence Partnership with Casa Rooms

Quicklets, a prop-tech company offering real estate services, has recently partnered up with Casa Rooms Property management to further accommodate clients ...[...]

The need and growth of short-let accommodation in Malta

Malta has continued to experience growth in the short-let accommodation sector. This sector principally caters for holiday-makers, business travellers and students attending short-term study courses. Read more ...[...]

Boutique hotels in Malta: New service by Casa Rooms enables operating in a competitive environment

Malta’s continued growth in tourist arrivals has led to an increase in the supply of beds through the expansion of mainstream hotels, as well as the increase in boutique accommodation. [...]

A Very Boutique Offering

Property manager Thomas Cremona analyses the growth of the boutique hotel concept in Malta, and explains the challenges that smaller properties are facing.[...]